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Aero Precision
Since 1994, Aero Precision has paved the way as a leading manufacturer of American Made parts. Our roots are deeply tied to Aerospace, and our drive for clean, perfect engineering and machining stems from that. When you are building something that will fly in the air, there is no margin for error. We take that same approach in the firearms industry.   Our firearms expertise originates from years of work as a key OEM Manufacturer with a focus on AR Upper Receivers, Lower Receivers and other specialty firearms projects. Other companies trust us with their brand and reputation for a reason; we take that seriously every step of the way.   Today, Aero Precision offers everything you need to build a quality AR at an affordable price. Our parts are relied on by thousands nationwide. Our goal is to provide you, our customers, the best value possible. Whether you are building your first rifle or your 100th, you can trust our components will be reliable and get the job done right the first time.