Thank you for your interest in attending TriggrCon!  We are always eager to having and look forward to interacting with our media and influencer partners attending the show and covering the industry’s newest products and latest innovation.  A highlight of our event is the opportunity for you to connect with key people from our exhibitors, often times this allows you to make a quality introduction to build a relationship.  We value your attendance and coverage of the show.  

Media and Influencer attendees are given a separate badge identifying them as media, as such before we issue such passes we want to partner with the right people for this.   Quality of content, personality, and professionalism are all key attributes that we look for when partnering with media and content creators.   While numbers, reach and views are also important, know that we will not penalize a new creator that has the right attitude as we all had to start somewhere.  We also select key media and industry members to join the Golden Triggr Award Selection Panel.  This group will evaluate all of the products entered by exhibitors, meet as a group and determine which products will be awarded the Golden Triggr for innovation at the annual VIP party.   

For key and premier media and/or influencer partners we also have support opportunities available.  Due to limited resources these unfortunately are not available to everyone.  In order for us to offer these services we will expect content prior to and at the show.  We are able to provide more information after you complete the registration process.   After registration is completed and approved you will receive a media information packet delivered via email with more information.

Thank you again for your interest in attending TriggrCon and we look forward to seeing you at the show!