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Elite Tactical Systems Group
Manufacturing the best AR mags money can buy. 100% US Made, 100% Quality.
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Evike is the bridge between you, thousands of resellers, hundreds of manufacturers and distributors in the Airsoft Nation. Being the Airsoft nation's largest reseller based in the USA, we are here to listen, to voice your feedback, and to further improve our sport as a whole!
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F1 Firearms
F-1 Firearms is a Texas-based manufacturer of the finest semi-automatic weapon systems on the planet. Unlike most of the competition, F-1 Firearms manufactures more than 90% of each firearm using brand new, state of the art machines. The combination of premium materials, state-of-the-art equipment, in-house machining, assem ...
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Faxon Firearms
Faxon Firearms engineers and manufactures complete upper receivers that will fit any mil spec AR/15 lower platform. We are intensely focused on providing a new and innovative upper that will set the standard for the rest of the industry. Throughout the years, Faxon Machining, with extensive certifications and world class pe ...