Golden triggr Award

One aspect of TriggrCon has been the awarding of the Golden Triggr Awards. The core of the show has always been innovation in quality, engineering and improving the firearms industry. The goal was to be the show known for the industry to introduce new products and technologies, advancements in their products and showcase the best there is to offer.

In 2018, the first awards were presented. A panel reviewed all of the entries and selected the winners based on criteria of innovation, improvement to industry, influence, quality and uniqueness. This was no easy task as several quality products were presented. The process and category of awards has evolved over the years of the show to improve the way the industry is rewarded. In 2022, we added new categories to better meet the offerings we were seeing, as well as a Best In Show award. The selection panel of judges is drawn from the firearm industry media and professionals. Their backgrounds vary, but we seek knowledgable, experienced and curious personalities to maintain a high level of integrity and reputation within the community.

All exhibitors are encouraged and eligible to enter a product for consideration. The criteria are as follows:
-Item must fall into one of the award categories: Handgun, Long Gun, Optic/Sight, Accessory, or Suppressor.
-Product must be announced or debuted at the show, or within the previous 12 month period.
-Exhibitor must be available to exhibit the product and present to judges as they are evaluating products on day 1 of the show

Exhibitors may enter more than one product within the same category, or in difference categories, however a separate form must be completed for each item. Our team may contact you and ask for photographs prior top the show in order to complete the judges packet to ensure they have the most current information. This information will be kept confidential until the show as we understand some products that you are entering may not be released to the public

Golden Triggr Award Winners


Best in Show - RIFLESPEED Gas Control System
Most Innovative Handgun - Phoenix Trinity H Tac
Most Innovative Long Gun - Coal Kinetics CK Pro
Most Innovative Optic - Holosun EPS Series
Most Innovative Accessory - Stern Defense RABAD


Most Innovative Firearm - LWRC SMG45
Most Innovative Optic - Sig Sauer Romeo 8
Most Innovative Accessory 1 - Killer Innovations Velocity Compensator
Most Innovative Accessory 2 - Seismic Ammunition


Most Innovative Firearm - Sig Sauer P365 Pistol
Most Innovative Optic - Sig Sauer BDX System
Most Innovative Accessory 1 - Tenicor Valor Holster
Most Innovative Accessory 2 - CMC Triggers Combat Magwell

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