Night Fision

Simply put, Night Fision knows tritium, they know manufacturing, and they’re all about efficiency – all of which has led them to develop a better way to produce tritium night sights on U.S. soil. Night Fision’s military-grade polymer ring design allows us to consistently deliver a wider variety of superior quality night sights with enhanced tritium brightness, all at a lower price than leading competitors. There’s always a brighter way.

AB Suppressor

Aerocharger Ballistics (AB) is a company built from years of experience designing and building turbochargers and turbo machinery. Aerocharger is the combination of Aerospace and Turbocharger. Aerocharger began in the 1970s and developed some of the technology used in today’s diesel trucks specific the Variable Turbines. Today Aerocharger continues development work with the United States Airforce for drone and many other applications. We approach the suppressor market from a different angle by utilizing our vast knowledge of thermal and fluid dynamics and applying it to firearm suppressors. More than half of our employees are military Veterans and the others are … Continue reading

Maxim Defense

Maxim Defense is a non-traditional U.S. based firearms development company centered on producing better, lighter, and more reliable firearms and accessories that exceed in today’s most extreme environments. Headquartered in St. Cloud Minnesota, Maxim Defense’s engineers are focused on R&D and manufacturing superiority for U.S. and NATO military forces, government agencies and homeland first responders.

Kaiser US

Founded in 2005, Kaiser Shooting Products (KSP) is the manufacture of the KaiserUS lightweight composite X-7 upper and lower AR receiver set and a number of advanced firearms systems and parts. Known for innovation, KaiserUS products are a favorite of law enforcement professionals, competition shooters, and military members and offer several models of fully assembled custom weapon systems that meet Mil-Spec standards. KaiserUS is a Federally licensed firearms manufacturer and dealer with offices in Tucson, and Phoenix Arizona.

JK Armament

JK Armament is located in Idaho and was established in 2019. Jake Kunsky is a US Army Veteran and Special Force’s group head armorer. Kunsky was selected as group head armorer for the Special Forces because of his experience, knowledge, and problem-solving skills in weapons. Kunsky has over 20 years of machining and weapons experience from the automotive and farming industry as well as in the firearms and military complex. Kunksy gained exceptional hands-on experience throughout his four combat deployments to Iraq, giving him a passion and interest in designing and manufacturing the best suppressors in the world.

Global Ordnance

Headquartered in Sarasota – Florida, Global Ordnance LLC ( is a force multiplier within the commercial and defense military industries supporting a wide array of equipment, ammunition and firearms. As a Veteran Owned Small Business, Global Ordnance LLC strives to provide excellence to our customers with unparalleled integrity of values and the loyalty expected.

Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory® is a Nevada corporation that specializes in manufacturing quality firearms for sporting, military, and law enforcement applications. Franklin Armory® are well known for their creative products such as the binary firing system®, Reformation®, Providence™, The F17® Series of rimfire rifles in 17 WSM, and their finely machined ARs. Franklin Armory® are very adept at creating products for restrictive jurisdictions such as their home state of California, and every firearm they make uses 100% American made parts and materials.

Defense Mechanisms

It’s not a goal, it’s a starting point. It’s a backdrop to the mission where the canvas is filled with the shades of meticulous development and years of training. When the picture comes to focus, the faces of those we protect are etched out with testing, learning, reworking, and improving. It’s where experience and accolades meet devotion to the craft. It’s taking where others have fallen, respecting the paths they’ve walked, and promising to do better the next time.


DFNDR Armor develop and manufacture advanced lightweight body armor for the U.S. military, law enforcement and offer this cutting edge technology to U.S. civilians. With two generations of family trade secrets, meticulous engineering and proprietary processing technology, They innovated the lightest weight armor with the least trauma to the body in the industry. Their mission is to engineer the most advanced lightweight body armor in the world.