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FrogLube is the only firearms care products company that uses exclusively bio-based and food grade ingredients to meet existing firearms operating and care requirements. FrogLube products are engineered to deliver a ‘tangible and immediate enhancement’ from the initial use of the product and also produce a succession o ...
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Gear Head Works
What started as a hobby business by our founder, quickly grew and became known for the highest quality parts and innovative design in the bullpup market. Then we spread out to conventional platforms as well. We continue to improve and gain attention for our quality, service and superior craftsmanship. We are proud to offer ...
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Introducing Genesis Arms LLC - the first manufacturer to successfully design, demonstrate, and put into production a true AR10 based 12 gauge shotgun.
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Gill Arms
Gill Arms is American handgun manufacturer. Check out our Gill GPR series pistols with innovative SafeSet™ trigger mechanism at www.gillarms.com.
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Grey Ghost Precision
Grey Ghost Precision consists of professionals that have extensive backgrounds in the military and in manufacturing. We have a network of industry and shooting sports experts who have helped us refine our rifle and pistol slide specifications and continue to lend their expertise as we continue to develop and expand our wea ...