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American Resistance Gear
American Resistance is an FFL07 manufacturer and SOT specializing in custom built AR15’s, Glocks, bolt action rifles, and suppressors.  We build, Cerakote, and machine our parts from state of the art machinery and expertise.  If we wouldn’t use, we won’t sell it.  100% warranty on all our work and customer service. ...
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Snipersonline UA (our parent organization) has several members and Sniper friends actively engaged in the battle against terrorism. Our friends are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of snipers deployed around the world right now. These snipers are deployed in the theate ...
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Anteris Alliance
Our Mission To create an unmatched, pat ...
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Anteris Alliance, LLC
A network of patriot owned companies working together to do more for our Vets and First Responders
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Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc.
While we are first and foremost known for state-of-the-art Smith & Wesson competition revolver action work, our research in this area has led to ground breaking part designs for many more revolvers. The result has been an explosion of interest in revolver competition. Utilizing the same engineering experti ...